Conditions of Carriage / Terms and Conditions

  1. BOOKING -  A coach is booked only when the signed booking form is returned and the deposit has been received. The contract will then exist between the person signing the booking form (The Hirer) and XLine Travel and, or its subsidiary companies.  A coach may be reserved provisionally for seven days pending receipt of the above, after which time XLine Travel reserve the right to offer the hire to other persons without further reference.
  2. BALANCE - The balance of the hire must be paid 7 days in advance if paying by cheque, BACS, Debit/Credit card, or on the day of the hire if paying by cash, before the vehicle commences the journey. Where XLine Travel have acted as agent to book a carrier i.e. ferry passage, airline tickets, additional services forming part of the package, then the full balance becomes payable at the time of The Hirer confirming the arrangements are satisfactory.
  3. CANCELLATION -  If a hire is cancelled between 21 days and 7 days before the hire date, XLine Travel reserve the right to retain the booking deposit.  If cancelled with less than seven days notice XLine Travel reserve the right to retain up to 80% of the total hire charge.  Cancellation or no show on the day, The Hirer will forfeit the full hire charge.
  4. AVAILABILITY -  XLine Travel will make every reasonable effort to provide the services requested by The Hirer. Should circumstances beyond their control cause a cancellation to be necessary and no alternative can be offered, then all monies paid by The Hirer will be refunded.  No further liability will be accepted.
  5. MINORS -  Persons aged over 18 only can make bookings. Unaccompanied minors will not be carried unless previously agreed.The safety of children is the responsibility of an accompanying adult.
  6. SMOKING -  It is the policy of the company to provide a smoke free, healthy environment for our passengers and staff.  All our vehicles are designated non-smoking areas. We do not permit the use of E Cigarette devices on our vehicles.  We are happy to provide regular stops for persons wishing to smoke.
  7. FOOD AND DRINK  - XLine Travel does not permit the consumption of alcohol, or own food & drink on our vehicles unless previously agreed and a soiling deposit of at least £100 has been paid.  Certain services offer beverages and light refreshments.  We would politely ask customers to refrain from self catering.
  8. SAFETY -  Is of our paramount concern.  We would ask that you heed the instructions of our staff.  Unruly behaviour likely to constitute a safety hazard will terminate the hire wherever the vehicle is located. XLine Travel will have no responsibility to return passengers to the embarkation point and no refund of monies will be paid.
  9. DAMAGE -  The Hirer booking the vehicle will be held responsible for any damage caused by members of his/her party.  This may include professional cleaning charges for alcohol related illness on our vehicles.
  10. JOURNEY TIMES  -  We will endeavor to maintain a timely service, but external forces such as traffic and weather conditions should be considered, especially if airport or other scheduled connections are involved.
  11. PERSONAL PROPERTY -  Other than our statutory duty of care, XLine Travel cannot accept liability for loss or damage to passengers personal effects.
  12. TIMEKEEPING  -  Our aim is to provide you with a quality service and to arrive and depart on time. Should our vehicle be more than 15 minutes late we would ask that you call us for further instructions. In return we would ask that passengers be at the departure point at least 5 minutes before the allotted time. Should passengers not show up 5 minutes after the scheduled departure time, the vehicle will depart and no refund of monies will be offered.
  13. SUB CONTRACTING -  We aim to provide the service described using vehicles from our own fleet. Should it be necessary to sub contract to another supplier you will receive the same standard of vehicle or possibly an upgrade at the same cost originally quoted to you.
  14. SEATBELTS -  It is the law for all passengers to wear the seatbelts provided. We will not be responsible for delays or fines levied for failure of individuals to wear seatbelts.